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Beets or Molasses?

10 Aug


I just made some spur of the moment chocolate chip cookies with some staples that I had around the house.
It became apparent to me that I only had dark brown sugar instead of the light brown sugar which I have usually used.
I think I understand that my preference has to do with the caramelization that can be seen on the edges of chocolate chip cookies baked using light brown sugar.
I know cookies are done and taste good, and the texture is just right, I’m just giving myself poor marks for presentation.

…but yeah….they are still tasty! Nom-nom-nom!


I put salt on my cereal one time thinking it was sugar.

19 Apr

Thinking I had found a treasure at my Grammy’s house, at some point in my childhood, I took what I thought was a heaping tablespoon of sugar and dumped it all over my cornflakes or shredded wheat..or something of that bland realm of cereal that my mother would allow me to have eaten even though there were Sugar Smacks with that damn green frog just mocking me in plane sight!

They were for Grandpa only.

I have yet to make such a monstrous mistake ever again. I would like to be a fly on my grandparents flowered, eggshell colored wallpaper, and be able to look out on my past self as the delight…

….then shock,

……..then disgust and removal of my briny breakfast,

……….and then finally dismay at my wasted moment of sugary cereal. I could never get it back.

But then, I of course did also hold the “secret knowledge” of the hidey hole in the cupboard above the stove that usually housed chocolate of some variety or another. Morning saved.

The Sparkling Sugar

Sparkling Sugar for Future Baking Projects