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Boiled Egg Game Changer!

10 Apr

A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

I always mess up boiled eggs! Since the dawn of my boiling egg times I have been searching for

the one…

The one technique that would give me the best results with the least amount of impact on time and energy! I have found it and recommend it! it works and I have to thank Windy’s Sukiyaki-Japanese Sushi Restaurant site for leading to the path of boiled egg – Thank you! righteousness.

Boiled Egg Game Changer!


Fresh Eggs From The Farm!

6 Apr

My new coworker told me the best thing this last Monday!

“I have a chicken coop. Do you eat eggs?”

Talk about words to make a day! I love fresh chicken eggs with there dark sunset yolks!

My wonderful coworker has 15 chickens and all are in egg producing years! Score! Her chickens lay the prettiest eggs in colors of green, brown, and white.

Breakfast was most enjoyable with a fried egg, toast and a cup of strong coffee!




Lunch Box Joy!

11 Feb

I am eating it now, but while I was taking the picture, I was drooling in anticipation!

I love to make dinner and lunch at the same time. It makes it so that I don’t loose interest because it becomes too much work. Food will usually hold up for lunch the next day. I was a little worried about the rice being too dry, but it was just fine and I could not have been happier.

I got the oranges from the Farmers Market and they were perfectly juicy and filled with sweetness. I can’t recommend enough to head out to your local Farmers Market to for season fruits and vegetables. They are so much more vibrant and full of flavor!

Click here to find your local California Farmers Market.