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Fresh Eggs From The Farm!

6 Apr

My new coworker told me the best thing this last Monday!

“I have a chicken coop. Do you eat eggs?”

Talk about words to make a day! I love fresh chicken eggs with there dark sunset yolks!

My wonderful coworker has 15 chickens and all are in egg producing years! Score! Her chickens lay the prettiest eggs in colors of green, brown, and white.

Breakfast was most enjoyable with a fried egg, toast and a cup of strong coffee!





Bento Time!

5 Apr


I saw this Bento box the other day that had fruit that was is in cutout shapes and snagged up that idea! I think I’ll get some cute cutlery or toothpicks over the weekend to maximize the fun lunch experience!

Noodles Make Me Happy

27 Nov

So I’ve been obsessed with these noodles that I bought at this Korean market I went to over the weekend. I was able to stock up on a lot foods that I love. I’m still on a pretty tight budget, but I came out with some great finds.

I love how spicey Korean noodles are. They make your lips burn off!


With these noodles is some chicken breast, baby bok choy, paoched egg, fried vegetable flavored fishcake, and Korean chilli paste (kochichang). It was super yummy and I had it with s small salad.

Ginger Chicken Shitake Mushroom Stirfry

9 Jan

It’s been a while since I have been posting blogs . I’d like to say that I was doing something super fantastic, like traveling around the world eating all kinds of food or something of that dramatic nature. But, alas, I was not.
Fact is that I noticed an increasing correlation between my frequent posts and my increasing waistline. In and attempt to get that in check I made the somewhat unconscious decision to put my blog on hold until I could sort out how to do this and still fit in to those damn jeans.
Those jeans are still are not fitting yet, but as of last month I started back at the gym and I have been very good about with my from all the food groups and getting my meals made ahead of time. That for me is the challenge. I love making food that I know is good, and when it is good for me, I don’t want to think about it too much. I like things that make a dish easily exciting or different without having to have labored too hard over a sauce or something of that nature.

Today I made my dinner…..and I forgot to take a picture of it. What I made was a simple stir fry starting with about a 1/4 cup of kielbasa that I brown in a pan and let some of the fat render out of. I then removed the browned meat and then add to the pan dried shitake mushrooms that were rehydrate in the microwave with a 1/2 cup of chicken stock. Along with the mushroom mixture I added 1/4 cup chopped fresh ginger, a tablespoon each of cooking sake, and soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil. I cooked the for about 2 or so minutes to let some of flavors marry and the liquid to cook down. When there was about 2 tablespoons of liquid left I added back the kielbasa and along with about a teaspoon of fresh red chilli. I like the flavor and the heat it brings. It’s a nice visible red contrast when making stir fry’s as well.
My whole dinner consisted of a 2 cups spinach salad with a nice olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt for dressing, glass of orange juice, and pack instant miso soup. I ate it all up and it was good. Miso soup is such a nice thing on a cold day. Warms up my insides!
After dinner was complete I realized that I would have to make sure that I had something for lunch tomorrow. Since I had only made enough for dinner, I was looking at trying to figure out what to do for the next day. I usually make two helpings so that I have enough for the next day. So I made pretty much the same stir fry with almost all the ingredients only switching out chicken for the kielbasa. Since chicken come with the all those ready packed in spices and smokey flavors as well prepackaged oil. I added a tablespoon of Canola oil to the pan and cooked up one chopped small/medium sized shallot on medium heat until they were glassy, then added the mushrooms, chicken stock, fresh ginger, sake, soy sauce, sesame oil. I only that that cook for a minute before added the raw chicken. I cooked until the chicken was done then did my best to get all the chicken to the side of the pan to cook down the sauce as much as possible. Once it was about 2 tablespoons or so, I removed it from the heat and let cool. I still had to add it to my lunch box and since the box also had salad in it I need to take care not to wilt my precious spinach salad or deliciously yummy Honey Crisp apples(Love them!).
I am feeling good at the moment with concern to my somewhat shrinking waistline and the diet of food I have chosen. Being that this is the season of eating and I also have still unopened gifted pound of See’s chocolate in my desk I think that I am doing really well. I will work harder now to get more posts out. It so much fun to cook and I know that this blog challenges me. Thank you for staying with me and still reading all that I have to write. Enjoy!


Ginger Chicken Shitake Mushroom Stirfry - not much to look at but great flavor

Come Dine with Me!

15 Apr

I decided I had had enough of cooking only for myself! I was going to have people over and make a meal with at least 4 courses! I had in mind that I would keep it Asian as I know I can make the most complex and delicious flavors when I stick to that general area.

I had already made the Empire cookies and as I figured they would be fine for my dessert course. I didn’t want to go too crazy. I planned to stick to things that I had been cooking for the last few weeks that I knew I could the best with.  This was a bit of insurance so that I would not spend too much money either.

My Menu was going to consist of:

  • Vietnamese Style Fresh Spring Rolls with minced Chicken.
  • Chicken and Shrimp Shumai.
  • Thai Style Coconut curry served with Basmati Rice
  • Empire cookies served with Tea.

I started the afternoon meal with the Vietnamese style spring rolls. They were a spicy mixture of ground chicken, vermecelli noodles,  bean sprouts, and red tipped lettuce wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper.

Vietnamese Springs Rolls with chicken.

The meat of spring rolls was cooked in chicken broth and then after chopping all the cooked vermicelli noodles ( They are a little hard to bite through) I added to that some lemon juice and chili flake for some heat.

The next course were some Dim Sum that I had made up the day before for some fun challenge. I really want a steamer now as what I was using was not all that utilitarian with what I wanted it to do. I got the job done and they were a big hit anyway. I had tried them the day before and let me tell you I was so happy with them I couldn’t wait to share the jewels of mixed meat and dough.

Chicken and Shrimp Shumai”>

Chicken and Shrimp Shumai

Steamed Chicken Shrimp Shumai

The last dish was for a Thai cononut curry with a different approach than I usually take. I would normally make a pot of curry sauce  and then add all the ingredients cooked. I would not cook them in the sauce just use the coconut curry sauce as a base to bring everything together.

What I did, was took 2 large chicken breasts and chopped them up into chunks that would work well in the pot that I was cooking in. It is a 2 quart 12 inch cast iron pot with a glass lid. What I did was brown the chicken in the pan with some vegetable oil until it started to smoke and then I turned it over and then added the premixed curry. I then popped it into the oven set to around 400° and let it cook for 1 hour. I, of course was doing this a little in advance so my guests did not have to wait for their food.

Chicken and Thai Coconut Curry

The chicken in the curry was so tender and the sauce was packed with flavor.

I tried my best to make take pictures where I could. I was able to get some picture that I was happy with and my friends all know what kind of crazy foody I am, and so they were very understanding while waiting for this dish to be served up. I had fed them so many dimsum by this point they were a bit full. I aspire to be a large latina woman that turns a deaf ear to sounds of people playing at being full. All lies…

We digested a bit before cracking into The Empire cookies and tea. It was a good afternoon with friends and I look forward to doing something like this again soon! Thanks ladies for coming over and letting me feed you! Good times!

The Empire Cookies

White wine reduction heaven!

16 Mar

My Grammy was the first one I can ever recall de-glazing a pan with wine. I kept thinking I might get in trouble if I were to eat it, not that I would have ate it anyway. I was a REALLY finicky eater when I was young. A lot has changed since then….

I have never been able to do a successful wine reduction. I had made attempts at putting them together from what I could remember of people cooking in front of me and some things that I had seen on TV. I was clearly missing some steps. They would taste acidic, too salty, the fat would separate. So I finally decided that I was going to work from the basic’s and go from a recipe word for word.


Ina Garten’s recipe’s for roast chicken breast with a shallot wine reduction sauce.

I pan seared the chicken before putting in an oven at 400 degrees. The recipe called for boneless chicken and I only had bone in. I just adjusted the time and the heat a little to try to make up for the difference! I will have to use this method again when only having the sauce as an accompaniment to the dish as opposed to cooking the chicken with the sauce. The chicken was incredibly more juicy then I have ever had it in the past.

I am not sure if I can ever go back to boneless skinless!

Pan Seared Chix

The recipe said to reduce the wine and lemon juice until it looked like it was about 2 tablespoons worth of liquid. I had never tried to reduce it that much on my own. It was very helpful to me in sorting out when was the right time to start incorporating the cream ingredients.

White Wine reduction

It  was so tasty!!!!! I wanted to get engaged right then and there! I could not have been more happy with my sauce! the fat had not separated and it didn’t look gray and ugly like they might have in the past. If I had a better knife I would have tried to remove some of the breast meat for presentation, but alas, I am still working on that.

Roast chicken

Roast Chicken with Shallot Wine Reduction

It was a good day to be cooking. Sometimes it helps just to sit back and try to let a book take the reigns. I will most like work with some of my other books on sauces so that I can get some really good ones down. This one was delicious, but all that cream and butter made it a bit rich. I have only been able to peek in my new french cook book. It is going to take me a while to make my way through it.