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Bento Time!

5 Apr


I saw this Bento box the other day that had fruit that was is in cutout shapes and snagged up that idea! I think I’ll get some cute cutlery or toothpicks over the weekend to maximize the fun lunch experience!


You have to treat yourself sometimes!

1 Mar


I had fun making lunch last night. I think it might be smelling up my office though. So I am going to close the lid and eat it outside where people won’t be bothered by it.
The star is a tofu hamburger patty. Its made, by taking a package of tofu and removing a large amount of the water from it and then mixing that with ground beef or pork (about 200g). I prefer pork because I think it brings a flavor element to food that beef never seems to have. I also usually add fresh ingredients like chopped onion, garlic, finely chopped carrots, chives, and ginger. I eyeball the amounts until I get the consistency that is easy to form. If you add to much the tofu/meat party will lose its shape when cooking.

After that is all incorporated, I add some seasoning. This hambagu is very simple, because I knew I was going to be putting curry on top for color. In the past I season with soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper.

Simple, but sometimes simple is best.

On the rice, is Shiso furikake. It makes rice kind of purple. I was looking for a night sky with a taste that might work with the curry star patty. Shiso is tart and a bit salty.

Along with the few other things I had for lunch, I really enjoyed it. I’ll have to find a new shape to make lunch so I can do this again.

Tomorrows lunch is todays opportunity.

16 Feb


Lunch tomorrow will feature a broccoli salad with little bits of ham and soft mozzarella cheese. I added some lemon, olive oil salt. It didn’t have enough taste so I added mixture of tomato paste, Japanese Mayonaisse, and pepper.

I could easily turn this into a gratin, but we’ll have to see where tomorrows mood puts me.
The potatoes are red and yellow new. They have been shook up in a bag of chicken seasoning mix (Custom blend from Valley Produce Market) and olive oil, then baked in my toaster oven.  I love my toaster oven! It’s so easy to cook things that are single serving, and then I don’t have to heat up the whole oven.

Past lunchtime loves…

10 Feb


Sometimes a “simple is best” approach to lunch is perfect. Other than the rice, everything came on handy little pre-packeted goodness.

Individual serving soft Tofu
Topped with bonito flake and soy sauce.

Miso soup.
I think its with dried onions.

Shiso rice topping is what is making the rice purple.

It was small and fast to pit together, but super satisfying!