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Mini Cookie Cutters Stole My Heart!

10 May

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a game night where we were instructed that the theme of the night would be “mini”. This of course translated to myself going on a buying binge of everything mini I could find.

Ateco Mini cookie cutters were one of the results of said binge.

I found them at Sur La Table in the cookie cutter section and they were practically singing at me in operatic tones. “Buy us! Buy us!”

It was hopeless to ignore. They had several others but I since none of these seem to be holiday specific I was happy with my purchase. I plan to use some them to make some cookies this week! I’ll post my results when I am done. I do love new things.

The Tiny Cookie Cutters

Tiny cookie cutters!


Crate & Barrel Easter Stencils.

7 May

There are certain foody stores that I am hard pressed to leave without having hemorrhaged my precious earnings from my precious paycheck. Crate & Barrel is not usually as one of those stores. It always seems like a lot of things in that store can be found for fraction of the cost at other stores.


But for some reason these stencils jumped out at me during a recent visit. I know that I can make stencils pretty easily with plastic canister tops and cookie cutters, but I really like the look.  The price was under $5 and I thought I was okay with spending just a little. The stencil patterns are a rabbit ,a butterfly and a chick. They are staple Easter patterns and so very cute. It might have been an impulse purchase, but when pondering on my possible buyers regret I come back with a vision of me buying them all over again every time.