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Beets or Molasses?

10 Aug


I just made some spur of the moment chocolate chip cookies with some staples that I had around the house.
It became apparent to me that I only had dark brown sugar instead of the light brown sugar which I have usually used.
I think I understand that my preference has to do with the caramelization that can be seen on the edges of chocolate chip cookies baked using light brown sugar.
I know cookies are done and taste good, and the texture is just right, I’m just giving myself poor marks for presentation.

…but yeah….they are still tasty! Nom-nom-nom!


Boiled Egg Game Changer!

10 Apr

A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

I always mess up boiled eggs! Since the dawn of my boiling egg times I have been searching for

the one…

The one technique that would give me the best results with the least amount of impact on time and energy! I have found it and recommend it! it works and I have to thank Windy’s Sukiyaki-Japanese Sushi Restaurant site for leading to the path of boiled egg – Thank you! righteousness.

Boiled Egg Game Changer!

Minneola love!

10 Apr


I bought a couple Minneola oranges at Trader Joes yesterday and they are so sweet! There is an unconscious personal preference to eat oranges as my staple fruit with every meal that had prevailed for too long.

So I changed up my ways and have been eating fruit such as Anjou pears, Pink Lady apples, Korean Asian pears. All of which are not as sweet as this tasty orange! It’s good switch things up! What a nice sweet treat!

Fresh Eggs From The Farm!

6 Apr

My new coworker told me the best thing this last Monday!

“I have a chicken coop. Do you eat eggs?”

Talk about words to make a day! I love fresh chicken eggs with there dark sunset yolks!

My wonderful coworker has 15 chickens and all are in egg producing years! Score! Her chickens lay the prettiest eggs in colors of green, brown, and white.

Breakfast was most enjoyable with a fried egg, toast and a cup of strong coffee!




I put salt on my cereal one time thinking it was sugar.

19 Apr

Thinking I had found a treasure at my Grammy’s house, at some point in my childhood, I took what I thought was a heaping tablespoon of sugar and dumped it all over my cornflakes or shredded wheat..or something of that bland realm of cereal that my mother would allow me to have eaten even though there were Sugar Smacks with that damn green frog just mocking me in plane sight!

They were for Grandpa only.

I have yet to make such a monstrous mistake ever again. I would like to be a fly on my grandparents flowered, eggshell colored wallpaper, and be able to look out on my past self as the delight…

….then shock,

……..then disgust and removal of my briny breakfast,

……….and then finally dismay at my wasted moment of sugary cereal. I could never get it back.

But then, I of course did also hold the “secret knowledge” of the hidey hole in the cupboard above the stove that usually housed chocolate of some variety or another. Morning saved.

The Sparkling Sugar

Sparkling Sugar for Future Baking Projects

Getting creative with my documentation!

2 Apr

I was making Oatmeal cookies this week. I have blogged about my oatmeal cookies before so I thought I might try to challenge myself to taking better documentation. I get it now why people have A/V staff to document their foody bloggings! When I get into baking, it’s very zen. I am not always multitasking and thinking about what shots would be most opportune.

The product was fun, but I wasn’t sure how to approach it with concern to writing about it until today. I think this is something I did with this blog that for the first time I realize how I am growing as an entertainer. It is nice to feel creative in life. I look at these photos and realize that I have start learning more about the tools that I am using and how they can be implemented.

What this really means is I want to buy a new camera and a tripod and mixer….and I saw a gelato maker on another blog….and yeah…I want that too…..

I spent most of the time with my tripod doing time lapse pictures and attempting to show process. The more I work with wordpress I find things I like and don’t like about thier preset tools.

For now this is what I can present to you. I was fun to do and I know a lot more than I did 3 hours ago about what I can’t do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weekend Getaway to Sauce-land!

21 Mar

I had a time this weekend to make my lunch on Saturday, so I thought I would make a pasta with some chicken sausage and use a bit sauce that I made from pan dripping a few days previous and froze.

um…….yeah…..I love sauce….

The Pasta Salad

I used a medium shell Pasta and cooked them until aldente. While they were cooking I cut up some baby bok choy and half a small shallot. I was really trying to make a single portion. I pan fried the onion with a very small amount of pancetta. I didn’t add any garlic. I had to go to a party later and I didn’t want to have the fearful halitosis.

The chicken sausage was cooked so that it was heated through, and then I tossed in the bok choy leaves along with the sauce that I had let defrost a bit. I let that all come together and then removed the pasta saving the water just just in case I let the sauce reduce too much. Tossed the pasta for a few turns of the and then I placed it over a bed of romaine lettuce.

I was pleased with my lunch result. I made a bit too much so I ended up taking some with me to work, but I zapped it at work to warm it up and it kept nicely.

The Pasta Salad Closeup