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“B” Se-to

11 Jan

Droool! This is the food I am looking forward to eating when I get back to Japan! This was the B SET lunch that was in a Fukuoka restaurant!

B Set:

Chicken Katsu
Steamed Rice
Sesame Sauce
Miso Soup
2 Shumai (They were eaten before I was overcome by my love of foody photos.)

That piece of chicken was huge and perfectly fried and the sesame sauce came with a grinder so that we could grind more sesame!

Delicous….roar!!!! Day 2 of this diet and this is going keep me on the right path!


Previous engagements: Renu fishcake!

24 Feb

I am pretty hungry right now and I was reminded of my friends mother fishcake that is super something. She makes it for special occasions and I am always hopeful that I don’t miss such times to visit her house.

Reynu is wonderful in that she grows a lot of the ingredients for her curry flavorings in her back yard. She is an amazing farmer and at the least you will be able to find basil or chives. Some springs I have walked into her back yard to find cherry tomatoes of every color, squash, persimmons, figs, limes, cilantro, and plethora of other garden groceries.

As the I can tell (and I’ve never been able to get the recipe for the fishcake, not for trying) the flavors that I can tell is curry chili, whitefish, coconut, lemongrass, cabbage and lots of love!
When is my birthday, again?

The Raynu Fish Cake

Thai Fish Cake

Previous engagements….

2 Feb

There have most definitely been past loves that have stood the test of time and I look back them with fond memories and many thanks to my past self’s for-sight for having the sense of mind to snap a photo.

You have seen this picture on the main page, but I thought it would be a great injustice not give the full view of this dessert bomb that was dropped on me while traveling to visit a friend in Kyoto, Japan.

I had no idea that this dessert heifer was coming my way when I ordered it. I still remember the way they served it with a cute little metal pour,  like you might see milk served with for coffee. Only it was filled with a delicate green tea sweet syrup that I poured all over my amistu dessert. You can see  a little bit of it on the banana. One of the best I ever had.

I really wish I could have remembered the location it was served at, but we were visiting so many temples in this temple town I can’t remember which one that it was near. If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, there are several tea shops to enjoy these at so I recommend doing just that.