When being an nerd and a foody collide.

27 Apr

So about a year ago I was watching and anime called Pandora Hearts and at the beginning of the first episode the characters are eating an apfelkuchen.

I thought to myself,”What is that……???”.

I looked it up and it turned out it was apple cake! How tasty would that be?! I was so excited to try it out I found some recipes and flagged them for later. I was going to pick up some supplies to make it when I was next paid.

Well that was my intention anyway. I would look at the recipe from time to time, thinking I would get to it…once I had this kind of sugar….or that kind of pan.

Well, a year later, along come a resurgence in my love for baking and cooking and after a while I remembered that I had wanted to make this cake/bread that had looked like such a delicious idea. I started by researching recipes and seeing what fit best for what I wanted to make. I have these little cake molds that I really wanted to use and I thought they would work perfectly for something like this. As far as ingredients goes, I was so surprised to find out how much sugar was used in apple cake. Also I most of the recipes used oil as fat and not butter. I could not make out why this was but when I eventually settled on a recipe that I thought would work, I was happy with the results when I used oil.

The apfelkuchen.

The apfelkuchen after it was removed from the molds.

I have these really cute cake molds that I’ve collected over the years. I always seem to forget that my starts take a lot of prep to make sure that cooked batter will come out of the mold. It works best if I line the pan with parment paper cutouts. Of course is had been such a long time since I had used them, that I had forgotten this weeeee little step. The result was that I was only able to salvage 2 of the little stars out of the four that I made.

The Apfelkuchen

The Apple Bread was really hard to remove from the molds that I chose.

The crust on the bread was so crunchy! I might change the apple I use next time. or remove the apple skins. I am not sure about the texture of the apples with the skin on.

The Apfelkuchen close up

The Apple bread had the most delicous crust on the outside! It was almost the texture of a cookie.

The recipe I followed was a Apple Bread Recipe. I knew that it was not a traditional apfelkuchen which is more like a cake, but this recipe worked  for what I wanted to do. I had to change the cooking time as I did not use the same baking container. The amounts of the ingredients all remain the same. I will most definitely make this again and I’m so happy that I received that bit of inspiration from my super nerdy hobby!


2 Responses to “When being an nerd and a foody collide.”

  1. Lizeth Martinez April 27, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    I love Pandora Hearts! OMGOSH! It looks so yummy! I want to try this.

  2. Lizeth Martinez April 28, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    Also I started watching Pandora Hearts again! Thank you so much blog.

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