I am turning into a complete pasta nerd…

16 Apr

Pasta! I think I may have stayed on a low carb diet for too long! Pasta brings such a big smile to my face! There are so many flavors and things you can do with it. I have had pasta for dinner at least 3 times for the the last two weeks.

Last week I was obsessed with trying to find out a way to make vermouth reductions that I really enjoyed. It all started with a simply enough. The shallots were finely chopped, and added to the pan with some olive oil. I then put in some garlic, and then let that fry up a bit. How do you go wrong with pancetta? I don’t believe it possible.  I threw in the pancetta and let that fry up for a long while on a medium low heat. Once that was just cooked to satisfaction, in went the raw green beans.

I added about a 1/2 cup of vermouth and let that reduce and put my bow-tie noodle in the boiling pot of water. I love bow-tie pasta! They are so cute and sauce shines off of them perfectly.

When the liquid had reduced to satisfaction, I used a slatted spoon to remove the noodles from the pot. It helps the sauce to do this. After adding a little red chili for some much loved sweet heat, I then toss everything together in the wonderful “flips-the-pancake” move I learned over the years never to do with a pan that doesn’t have a rounded bottom edge. Hahaha! Big Mistake!


I plated the pasta in one of my nice white bowls and topped it off with a little cracked pepper and a healthy amount of Peccorino cheese! NUMMMMm!!!!


Two days later I was right back at it! I pretty much made the same vermouth reduction, but I changed up the ingredients a bit. This time I used a nice Italian sausage with fennel, broccoli, and medium shells.

Sausage and Brocolli with Shell Type Pasta

I cut sliced portions of the broccoli stems and cooked them up with everything. I had a salad on the side and that was dinner! Both  the pasta took me a bout 30 min to make from start to finish and they were so much more tasty than if I had gone out and ate at some of the restaurants that we have in town. I didn’t use a flash with either of the cameras.

As a side note I will also take a moment to highlight that there were two cameras used in this post. The top photos were taken with my Droid Incredible phone and the bottom one was taken with my five year old Panasonic Lumix camera. I really love the colors I can get my Lumix camera. It’s small but packs some punch. I don’t mind the camera on my Droid, and I can use it if I’m in a pinch or I get shy about whipping out my camera at the dinner table. My phone seems a bit more discreet….that could just be in my head though…(^_^)


One Response to “I am turning into a complete pasta nerd…”

  1. Grammy April 17, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    I LOVE your recipes Terri!! AND…the caloric value is very low…who said anything you eat that’s fabulous is fattening??

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