Banana Coconut Lime Bread and I were meant to be.

15 Apr

I had my ripe frozen banana.

I had my unsalted butter.

The rest of it I keep as a staple.

It was go time for Banana Bread! My world was then turned upside down when my coworker told me that a friend of her’s from across the state had come been going through recipe blogs and had found a recipe for…..wait for it……

Banana Coconut Bread with a lime glaze!!!!!

I followed the recipe to the T for the most part. I added a little lime zest to the glaze because I like the fresh taste that zest adds to sugar glazes.

The bread was moist and so tasty! It was dangerous to keep in my house……so of course I brought over to a friends house. I brought her two of the loaves with the express instructions that one of the loaves was to go to her mother, the amazing Renu!


As I understand it only half of the extra gift wrapped loaf made it to their house and it was a somewhat serious point of contention. I sort of new this would happen because of the way the first loaf vanished at her house the night I brought it over. It was a magic trick on how make sugary, moist loaf of banana coconut bread disappear with out letting a crumb hit the counter….poof!


Thank you Jessica for sharing this recipe and I promise I will make it again and find a way to share the love!


One Response to “Banana Coconut Lime Bread and I were meant to be.”

  1. Sara @ Our Best Bites April 15, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    I love that you love this as much as I do! Thanks for the link luv!

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