Chez Renu never disappoints!

14 Apr

I received a text invitation at 11:00AM on Tuesday!

At exactly 11:00:06 I responded with my, “YESSS!!!”

I didn’t know I could text that fast on my Droid….It was such a delicious meal. I had no idea what it was going to be, but I knew that there was a whole lot of tasty in somewhere in my future. I think I made from my work to her house in record time.

Wonton soup was the special of the day! Renu has some serious broth powers. It is the most delicate of flavors and was seasoned to perfection. I burnt my a whole lot horking down all the dumplings. You have to eat them hot. They don’t taste as good to me luke warm as they do when they are when they are when they are piping hot, scrumptious orbs  of wonton wrapper and meat.

The Chez Renu Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup from Renu's kitchen


There were about 10 meaty wontons.


The wonton was filled with shrimp or pork.


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