A foodie marriage of two cultures that I love!

22 Mar

When I used to order Japanese curry in a shop I would get it with the potato koroke (croquette) or the pork cutlet. I was thinking about how I wanted to make something similar the other day when I had made Thai coconut curry.

I wanted to have a little fried something on the top of my curry but also to add a bit of texture and flavor that you don’t alway find with Thai coconut curry.

I started yesterday and made the some potato croquettes. They were made with:

  • 2 large potatoes boiled and then mashed
  • a little under half a small onion chopped (I don’t like things to be too onion-ee. It’s distracting to me to have that after taste)
  • 1/2 lb minced pork
  • 1/2 cup cooking sake.
  • salt to taste

I cooked the onions until they were translucent. Then added the meat and got that cooking until the pink had almost disappeared. I then added the cooking sake and let that cook down and evaporate completely. I didn’t want the meat to have a lot of liquid when I added it the mashed potato.

I mixed cooked meat the potatoes and added the salt. I then shaped the potato koroke into about 1/2 inch oval  potato disks. I had a hard time not eating the mixture while doing this. It was like getting potato icing on my hand….only not.

I used Japanese breading called Panko to coat the croquettes. I like it for breading for it’s crispy light texture.

Once finished I put them on the rack to rest and then placed them in a container to freeze overnight. One glory of croquettes is that they freeze pretty well and if you are going to fry them they don’t really require defrosting.

When I got home today, I started my coconut curry. I followed the preparation directions on the curry paste tub. They have a very “authentic” version on the back of that tested my courage a bit today. I was coughing my ass off heating up that curry paste. It smells amazing, but it was very intense to cook. I change the recipe a bit per watching the glorious Renu cook up a batch one time at her house. I don’t have all the ingredients that she has at her disposal, but I very much enjoy the taste of mine.

Once I had the curry mixed together, I put it on the back burner just to keep it warm. The croquettes needed frying and as much as it pains me to deep fry in the house, sometimes it just is called for. I always like to make sure that I have a way of re-using the oil and storing the it for frying other foods. I hate for all that oil to go to waste for a one shot deal.

I have learned from previous experience to have a lot of respect for hot oil.


Since the koroke were frozen I wanted a low heat fry. I wanted to make them so they I didn’t come out having frozen centers with black shells.


When the koroke were done I transferred them onto a rack to cool. While they were cooling I added broccoli and bamboo shoots to the curry and turned up the heat to medium low.

The koroke are amazing! Happy making and crispy. The curry was stupid spicy, but I think that is magnificence of Thai coconut curry. You are literally chili roasting your lips away but the coconut is hitting all the right pleasure centers telling you, “Ignore that pain. It’s only a tickle, right?”

My suggestion when this happens is to just keep eating, because stopping does….not…make….it….better. That or drinking beer or milk might help.

I gave my roommate Tom, the spare koroke. He seemed happy.

Another note is that this could easily be a vegetarian dish. The koroke do not need to have meat in them to be fried jewels of foodie delight!


2 Responses to “A foodie marriage of two cultures that I love!”

  1. Deborah March 23, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    Those are some nice looking croquettes.

  2. Lizeth Martinez March 24, 2011 at 1:35 pm #


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