The power of “first loves”.

28 Feb

I got together with some dear friends the other evening after work in Ventura, CA. When asked where I might want to go for dinner, I could think of no other place.
I grew up in Ventura eating Evita’s Mexican food and when I am back in my hometown, catching a bite is usually on my itinerary if I can manage.

They have the best taste to the carne asada that I have not had duplicated at other restaurants. It’s a lovely lime salt taste and it is perfect for my pallet! My usual is the Carne Asada burrito with the works and then I use generous portions of the lime verde salsa as sauce.

My friends ordered taquito’s and tge pork tamales, which  were on special that day. I have not tried the tamales and as you can see they look delicious!

The taquito’s I have also tried and are crunchy with moist delicious stewed meat in the center just like you want them to be. They are made in house and to order. I was really surprised when I first saw that they were made to order. My idea of making taquito’s was to get the Costco box out of the freezer (My mother used to buy them for after school snacks). The copious amount of guacamole is happy making too!

The Evita's Taquitos

Phone (805) 656-4571
3868 E. Main Street, Ventura
(near Callens Road / 126 Freeway)
Click Here for the Menu.


2 Responses to “The power of “first loves”.”

  1. Anna Measures March 2, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    OH Break me off of some of that Avocado!!! *slobber*


  2. annasketch March 2, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    I love that rice!!


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