Valentines Day is cheap way to find Heart Shaped baking tools…

16 Feb

Valentines day cookies are made and done and distributed! Sorry if you were not on the receiving end. I wish I could have made them for everyone!

I have always seen kits for making cookies and I have never really been moved to the point where I would want purchase a cookie kit. I picked the kit that made these cookies up at Cost Plus Worlds Market. Of course they do not look like they do on the front of the box,,,,They look better….in my humble opinion.

I really bought it because the cookie cutter looked like it would work well for other projects that I have in mind down the road.


I had these gift bags that were left over from my days living in the land of cute and Engrish. I felt that since I’d been holding on to them going on 4 years now, it might be time to let go and so that the world could enjoy!

For the new experience of cooking with a kit, I left it feeling positive. Yes, I can make a tastier cookie, and yes it’s not as challenging, but it was fun and it did fill the house the smell of chocolate. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!


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