Empanadas kind of look like footballs, right?

9 Feb

So where I was going with this food project was from the thought that American footballs and empanadas kind of  have a resemblance. I had a blast making them. It is possible that  I wont wait as long as I did to get up and get them going in the oven, but I make no promises. They took more than a bit of time to prepare.

I chose to  make two tastes:

Taste one: Beef Empanadas

I followed to recipe in The Joy of Cooking for reference and amounts. I changed some of the seasoning up bit adding cumin and I used fresh thyme instead of dried. My roommates woke up to a simmering pan of bliss in the kitchen.


For the second taste: Potato and Pepper Curry

I had an idea to make a vegetarian option for people. I figured I had the time and the ingredients also I had been meaning to challenge myself to making vegetarian dishes. I am sorry but I didn’t write this recipe down. I played a lot by ear.
I knew how much to make with meat and so I tied to make sure the outcome would work same volume of vegetable.
I followed the Joy of Cooking recipe only I replaced the pound of meat with:

one extra cup of potatoes
3 medium Bell Peppers (Green, Yellow, Red)
1/8 cup of Black olives (used them for texture and color contrast, I also like the way they taste with peppers)
1/8 cup of Green pitted olives.
Curry flavors as you wish to mix.


I let them cool off and then stuffed them into pie crust. They I was unsure about the outcome. I had been tasting the filling and I didn’t think it was going to have the “Yum” impact that I wanted it to have. I could not have been more wrong. Hot out of the oven I busted into one of the meat ones and yum-pact was shocking!
There is something about pie encased foods. The empanadas smelled amazing and my one wish is that everyone could have had them fresh out of the oven.

The empty plate, where a pile or appetizer size once rested, was my joyful site for me at the end of the night. Thank you everyone for your praises and encouragement!

*Thanks Lizzy-cakes for the used of your iPhone photos!


One Response to “Empanadas kind of look like footballs, right?”

  1. Lizeth Martinez February 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    You’re welcome! Anytime! Oh! The empanadas were so good. YUMMY!!!

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