Newness! More food options!

5 Feb

There is a new coffee house in Westlake Village that is close to my work. I didn’t even know about it before today, but I love to give small businesses my patronage and so I went to check the place out.

The place is called:

3845 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
Suite A
Westlake Village, CA 91362

My first impression of the shop was great. They owner was behind the counter ready to serve me up some coffee. They had the usual selection of coffee that I expected. I ordered a coffee, black, which is how I like it and it was good. Not as bitter as I find other coffee shops coffee to be.
As it was the owner prepping the drinks, seemed to me that he was taking care in prepping all 3 drinks neatly. I took notice of the scones and sandwiches which looked to me to all be made in house. I asked and I was correct in my assumption.

Future lunch desires:

Roasted Turkey Sandwich: $6.75
Truffle Potato Salad: $4.00
Herbed Tuna Salad and Cheese: $6.50


They also have items to satisfy the sweet tooth. There must 5-ish pounds of butter packed into that picture of breakfast/dessert below! Butter makes it better!
I tried these chocolate covered cakelette tasters (not pictured) and they were super moist and a not-too-sweet treat. I want to say the denseness of the cake reminded me of dense brownies. Europa has them in a variety of festive Valentine. Cake lollies for Valentines!



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