Oatmeal cookie

30 Jan

My brother always gets the burnt ones.


When I first started baking cookies in my family home I made a batch if oatmeal cookies where the first batch out of the oven were, much to my shame, burnt as far as I was concerned. There was no chew factor at all. When you broke the cookie in half it would snap not bend then break into two delicious bites.


Moving on, I put that batch aside and the next few batches out of the oven were perfect! They smelled right, and had a slight butter edge crisp to them. I could not have been more happy.
Really was not sure what to do with the burnt ones. I didn’t want to give them away to people. They were burnt! In walks my brother and at the time, I had all the cookies in a pile together. I try to give him one of the “good ones” and then there he goes grabbing one of the burnt cookies. It was an education in cookie making for sure.
What I learned then and there, that the oatmeal cookie has all these levels that you can cook it to without really changing the recipe.
I also like oatmeal because they aren’t really a very sweet cookie. Not that you would think that from the pictures below. I like to add fronting to about half the batch. It something for those people who want a little something more to the cookie. It’s a simple lemon icing. I think it brings out a lot of the vanilla and nutmeg in the cookie.
I put these cookies in my cookie boxes that I give out every year for Christmas. And I enjoy knowing even though I made a lot of the same things for everybody, I usually know how to cater to their oatmeal wants.


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