Beets or Molasses?

10 Aug


I just made some spur of the moment chocolate chip cookies with some staples that I had around the house.
It became apparent to me that I only had dark brown sugar instead of the light brown sugar which I have usually used.
I think I understand that my preference has to do with the caramelization that can be seen on the edges of chocolate chip cookies baked using light brown sugar.
I know cookies are done and taste good, and the texture is just right, I’m just giving myself poor marks for presentation.

…but yeah….they are still tasty! Nom-nom-nom!


Boiled Egg Game Changer!

10 Apr

A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

I always mess up boiled eggs! Since the dawn of my boiling egg times I have been searching for

the one…

The one technique that would give me the best results with the least amount of impact on time and energy! I have found it and recommend it! it works and I have to thank Windy’s Sukiyaki-Japanese Sushi Restaurant site for leading to the path of boiled egg – Thank you! righteousness.

Boiled Egg Game Changer!

Minneola love!

10 Apr


I bought a couple Minneola oranges at Trader Joes yesterday and they are so sweet! There is an unconscious personal preference to eat oranges as my staple fruit with every meal that had prevailed for too long.

So I changed up my ways and have been eating fruit such as Anjou pears, Pink Lady apples, Korean Asian pears. All of which are not as sweet as this tasty orange! It’s good switch things up! What a nice sweet treat!

Fresh Eggs From The Farm!

6 Apr

My new coworker told me the best thing this last Monday!

“I have a chicken coop. Do you eat eggs?”

Talk about words to make a day! I love fresh chicken eggs with there dark sunset yolks!

My wonderful coworker has 15 chickens and all are in egg producing years! Score! Her chickens lay the prettiest eggs in colors of green, brown, and white.

Breakfast was most enjoyable with a fried egg, toast and a cup of strong coffee!





Bento Time!

5 Apr


I saw this Bento box the other day that had fruit that was is in cutout shapes and snagged up that idea! I think I’ll get some cute cutlery or toothpicks over the weekend to maximize the fun lunch experience!

Noodles Make Me Happy

27 Nov

So I’ve been obsessed with these noodles that I bought at this Korean market I went to over the weekend. I was able to stock up on a lot foods that I love. I’m still on a pretty tight budget, but I came out with some great finds.

I love how spicey Korean noodles are. They make your lips burn off!


With these noodles is some chicken breast, baby bok choy, paoched egg, fried vegetable flavored fishcake, and Korean chilli paste (kochichang). It was super yummy and I had it with s small salad.

“B” Se-to

11 Jan

Droool! This is the food I am looking forward to eating when I get back to Japan! This was the B SET lunch that was in a Fukuoka restaurant!

B Set:

Chicken Katsu
Steamed Rice
Sesame Sauce
Miso Soup
2 Shumai (They were eaten before I was overcome by my love of foody photos.)

That piece of chicken was huge and perfectly fried and the sesame sauce came with a grinder so that we could grind more sesame!

Delicous….roar!!!! Day 2 of this diet and this is going keep me on the right path!